Relationship That Leads To Marriage Part 2

Relationship That Leads To Marriage Part 2

(3)Be proud of each other: This is self love and proper standing to what you have discovered. Anyway it can definitely be a strong force to pull down if you see each other as a partner in progress. There is no where that says compliment is bad in itself. The way and manner you do it says a lot about the two of you.

(4)Communicating with a purpose:Communication is key it helps to understand each other better. And opens up on the areas you are not doing better. It often builds you further,if the hours spent talking is productive. Without one you can't appreciate each other the more. Your strength lies in what you do everyday. Get used to one and see the benefits of communicating on a daily basis.
(5)Plan for the future:This is one of those reason you found yourself in that loving relationship and must make use of it adequately. To each and everyone has a role to play to grow with time. No one is to be found doing nothing and expecting to be fruitful. You are in together to make it work.

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Note:Purely from God.I don't have wisdom of my own except his power and strength. Once again,I thank you God.Thank you God.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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