Discover Your Purpose Before Marriage

Discover Your Purpose Before Marriage

Marriage is honourable in all as confirmed biblically. Marriage is not for boys in men. Marriage is not for those who are yet to distinguish between right and wrong. Marriage is not for those who cannot take decision except from their parents,friends,associate,well wisher etc.

Know what you want before planning for marriage. Don't just wish things will be better when you are married start the life you have always wanted. Marriage is a full time commitment that needs proper planning and logistic approaches.

Many times we want people to change for the better but they are yet to. Any man will change if he is ready to do so. Stop having sex with a woman if you are not ready to be a father or take responsibility. Even sex before marriage is a sin that has a serious punishment attached to them. Be sure of you want in life and pursue them.

If you don't want your marriage to have issues. Start planning for your unborn kids and wife. Even your wife to be should add value to your life and not a dummy. Don't marry because of the access to have sex,undue pressure,social influences etc. Get married because you understand the purpose and principle guiding the institutions. Let your children be proud of you as their parents. Let the reason why you live be based on your purpose for life.

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Note:It's an inspiration from God and will continue to be.Not from me but through him.Once again, thank you Lord.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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