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Final Year Students Of Tasued Finished Their Examination In An Expectation For The Future Challenges.

Tasuedites long expected to have finished their examination and start earning as a working class. This was the joy expressed by all final year students of Tasued as they bid farewell to their former alma mater for the journey so far. The experiences cannot be completed if we didn't include the stress in the registration when still a fresh man. The alarming responses of the increment in the school fees unexpectedly by students who are working to pay up.The slow responses of the students union government to ease their tension on the subject matter.

The buying of handout that attract scores. The reading at night for their books for the test or examination. Going to lectures classes or abscond the classes and still work smart to have A's. Different eating time. Eating all sort of rice couple with garri. The stress of entering a cab to the school. Ijagun an arena of entertainment for the lovers of music and upcoming act. The time there would be no money but to visit your friends for assistance. The funfare of each departmental day,college day and the mother of all the Tasued day.

Remember this is Nation’s Premier and Preferred University of Education: Tai Solarin University of Education, Ijagun, Ogun-State, South - West Nigeria. Our unique selling proposition, which distinguishes our University from others, is formula 1-2-8 (1st in Nigeria, 2nd Africa and 8th in the World) and the first and only university in the country established on solid principles and platform which characterized the life of Dr. Tai Solarin, the man after which the university is named.

There comes a time of once a students now an alumni who is looking forward to the brighter sides of life.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:It's an inspiration from God.Who am I if not for the grace,mercy and favour of God. Once again, thank you God.To God be the glory.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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