The Love For My Country Nigeria

The Love For My Country Nigeria

Where I can find the best of education.

Where social amenities and welfare are easy to get.

Where getting employment would be based on merit and sound minds.

Where I can boast of a just economy and agricultural for all.

Where religious crisis wouldn't be a thing to consider.

Where love,peace and unity rules amidst different challenges on the ground.

Where electing our leaders would be based on past achievement,remarkable successes and qualification.

Where business of any sort can grow optimally.

Where living in a conducive environment is assured.

Where you can be assured of your effort to success.

Where a right thinking man can develop a system that favours all and sundry.

Where having a dream can survive the test of time.

Where teaching morals and societal development can be integrated in our way of life.

Where understanding each other the more we can grow better.

Where killing our fellow men and women would not have occurred.

Where you can move freely without plotting evil for each other.

Where the government in power would increase workers salary as at when due.

Where the price of good and services would be affordable.

Thanks for the reading attention!

Note:It's an inspiration from God.I will always remember it for as many times as possible. To God be the glory for this.I am really grateful to God for this.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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