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You Cannot Live Here Forever Remember The Last Day

It is no longer news that this earthly place is for a short time. Each time the day breaks we are gradually moving to the grave. To those who are conscious of death should desist from every forms of social vices that is drawing us back. 

Start living the life suitable to your maker. Nobody knows the hour the son of man is coming to take the soul freely given to you. Don't pride about your life. You know nothing he just showed you how powerful he can be by you resting on him. 

The life you are living is being controlled by someone greater than you. Your should be ever ready to leave this world having completed your mission in the world.

 What you have achieved in life,beautiful children, houses,cars will leave when you want to die?Tremble in fear and do good to your neighbour. You will be remembered for one thing in life. Of course it should be good not the bad. Death is inevitable. That's  what will cut across all human races.

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Note:Thank you God and thank you God and thank you God and thank you God and thank you God for this write up. It can only be  you and from you. I decrease for him to increase.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©Grace of God)

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