How To Overcome Hatred In Your Mind

How To Overcome Hatred In Your Mind

Hatred is an evil thoughts to put someone's down.It's bound to happen because there are some people who never think they could be anything in life. Instead to learn from those who have started well so as to equip them for their own destiny.But the reverse is the case.

You don't need to envy others the only thing you are supposed to do is to prepare for your own future.They have also forgotten the fact that you do not despise the days of humble beginning. Sometimes it's so surprising to see people planning to put others down because they are actually making an impact everyday. Do not envy anyone who has God back up because you will regret later in life.

(1)Be your own kind of beautiful:Beautiful has a diverse meaning depending on the way you see them. Be beautiful in everything you are made up of. There is something about you that others do not have.You still have your own time to achieve the best.The best is still available for those who are prepared to stand out and be relevant.The best is applicable to all you can do it properly.

(2)Have faith in yourself
Faith is believing all things are possible to your advantage. It is the hope in the futuristic expectations. The believe you have to succeed everyday. Faith is essential to carry on with life despise the fact that there is challenges in your front.Be ready,know what you can do in life then pursue them with the hope that nothing can stop you from achieving the success.This is the believe of the one who created you. Don't fear you can do all there is possible within you.

(3)Discover your purpose for life
Purpose is the reason why you are living the life.The reason why you stop doing what others have done or still doing.The reason why you want to stand out in the crowd.The reason why you find it difficult to sleep often. The reason why you are far away from those people that are putting you down. The reason why you love greatness and keeps pursuing them everyday. The reason why you believe there is a lot of things to offer in this world.With this few point you cannot entertain hatred in your way of life.

(4)Understand your own value/greatness.
If you have placed value on your life nothing can stop you from getting the rewards attach to being valuable. It's not a free gift you must have worked for the best. It impact in the lives of others. The growth and development in the society alongside what you have laid down. The benefits people get to enjoy from them. As a result of your commitment to greatness. Not you in particular but the grace of God doing all those work in you.

(5)Learn from others to grow
No man is incomplete in itself you will still have to learn from those ahead of you.You are pushing your brands everyday. But there is little adjustment you need do to get more you could have thought of.This is the readiness to learn from the best in the game. Your ideas are good but your love for wisdom should increase. That's the purpose of learning and relearning.This is what you have at hand and that you should take care of.

Note:Be my God and your life is well planned. God knows your heart and he wants to give you everything you need to carry on in lives. Not hatred,enviness,backbiting. Thank God for the success of this article and many more. To God be honour and glory.Once again, thank God.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God)

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