Pregnant Women Should Try And Take Care Of Their Body

Pregnant Women Should Try And Take Care Of Their Body

I have experienced different attitudinal behaviour by pregnant women. It's not easy to carry baby in their womb for the period of nine months before delivery. How any man can cope with them no matter what they do. For the purpose of this article I have listed few point for them to appreciate the gift of being pregnant as a mother or intending to be one.

(1)Eat well:This time they need good food  to grow with the baby. They need to do little household chores even their place of work for those that are strong enough. They should be mindful of what they eat because of their baby and well-being.

(2)Sit comfortably: Pregnant women should sit properly and enjoy their new you because they know how it feels when pregnant. Strong enough not to be disturbed by the baby.

(3)Sleep right:Pregnant women are advised to get the best sleeping position for their baby. Most times they might sleep too well or too little depending on who they are. What matter most is that they are enjoying their sleep.

(4)Bathing properly:This needs special attention when considering how heavy they are. Tired and cannot take water to clean their body. Some women might find it very difficult to cope with while others won't feel any pain at all. Infact they need do so as not to exhibit the odour of being pregnant. They need to be strong enough and how God can be with them till their safe delivery.

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Note:This is an inspiration from God that has led to this article.Thank God for this article and many more.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God).

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