Think Beyond Wedding Ceremony

Think Beyond Wedding Ceremony

Wedding is one of the most joyful moment we want to experience. The suit,gown to wear. The arrangement of the venue organizing of your people. People loving the feeling ,hoping to get theirs done soon. All kinds of people from different background coming together to grace the occasion. Just to wish you well in life. I have experienced a lot of them in the past and still doing them at the moment and I want to conclude on what they should have done right instead of the wrong doing.

(1)Understanding your man:This is the wedding ceremony and you and your wife deserve the best from life. The money that cater for all things you needed should be minimal because there is life after wedding. That is the fanfare you have really enjoyed while preparing to face life in the marriage itself. Your man will be considered the money spender because of the role he will be doing in every stage of life, vice versa.If as a wife you push him to spend beyond his plan,sufferness and disagreement are the major happening all for grab. This was my experience with few families after their wedding ceremony. As a good woman you should persuad him to spend less and hope to tackle and plan for the challenges ahead.

(2)Be convinced about yourself and the journey ahead
Nobody force you to get married you decided this is the kind of person that drives you crazy because he or she has the requirement you set before them.If that was the initial plan of getting married then you should know what is next,what you intend to achieve in the future and the strategies you have adopted to get going.

(3)Live within your resources
This is essential and applicable to all people to live within the resources they have at the moment. Not overdo or under do.You have to be satisfied with what you have. And you are considering others ways to achieve your set goals and objectives. It is possible because you did not over work yourself. But you believe in the steps by steps you have in mind to success.

(4)Maintaining the relevance of your union to the world. This is very interesting and consider worthy of recommendation.If both partner in the marriage have taken time to discover life and purpose in accordance to their existence. They will be celebrated all over the world because what they are actually doing are making others happy and maintaining progress in whatever things they are doing.

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Note:In God I write. No more,no less. I just want to appreciate him for the success of this article. Thank God for this and many more.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God)

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