Understanding The Attitudes Of A Woman

Understanding The Attitudes Of A Woman

Women can be unpredictable as well as predictable to an extent depending on their personality trait. The only differences between them is their environmental factors,education,information and fear of God. Remove all these to be subjected to the same conditions they will behave the same way. That is why you need to think deeply before saying anything to them.I have considered the following for our men to take note of.

(1)Think deeply before communicating with a woman because they are emotional being not logical being.

(2)They need to be loved irrespective of who they are as a person.

(3)Don't push them to the wall. They could be very dangerous.

(4)Don't mistake their sincere love as a weakness they cannot lie to the one they truly love.

(5)The best behaviour of any woman is the sincere love you give to her. There can never be a perfection here. We have few cases of exception.

(6)Don't condemn her actions totally. That's the best way she can think. You are there to give her the direction.

(7)Appreciate her kind gestures. She might not say anything at all but she will be thinking about it for a long period of time.

(8)Appreciate her look because she will be thinking you don't love her at all.

(9)Be there to give her the courage when she is down.By so doing, she can rely on you for help.

(10)See her as a wonderful woman. And she will definitely be to you.She will be so happy if you consider her as a partner in progress.

(11)She might be fighting you for you not loving her. She want to feel loved. That's what she want to hear from you.

(12)Give her the sexual pleasure whenever never she want it. Don't get tired when she call for it. Enjoy it together.

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Note:This is an inspiration from God that has led to this article. Thank God for this and many more.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God)

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