Men Do Not Send Money To Any Lady For Fake Love

Men Do Not Send Money To Any Lady For Fake Love

I was not planning to write today but the spirit of God keeps telling me to do so. Men take note of this advice I will give because it's coming from my heart to you. You are not under any condition to send money to any lady for love except your wife,associate,parents and business partners etc

Some women need to work so as to appreciate the means of getting money and the generosity of people towards them.

Have you ever thought what could be her motive towards you. What if she sees you as an ATM machine?She never felt anything for you. She praises you because of your weakness. Come to think of it have you ever been so generous to your parent that they continuously pray for the blessing to be more.

What if she stops chatting with you?How would you react to that? Curse her and perhaps wish for something bad to happen. Does she forced to collect the money from you?The answer is No.

You did so willingly from your heart. Perhaps to get into her pant someday. If that was your motive. Don't blame her she was faster than you. That serve you right.

You neglected building relationship for love. You have started sending her money. Thinking she was in love but whereas she did not feel anything. What a wasted effort!Learn to be convinced about somebody before sending money. Women know what they wanted in a man. You came as a saviour to be used to get money. Be wise and don't conclude all women are the same likewise the men too. There are exception which could be you.

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Note: This is an inspiration from God that has led to this article. Thank God for the success of this article and many more.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God)

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