Wrong Ideology About Marriage

Wrong Ideology About Marriage

It's not motivating to talk without understanding the factors surrounding marriage because your view about it changes over time.The best to have said is pray to select the right choice that align to your destiny. No one has a complete knowledge about marriage. Everyday we learn new things. So,marriage is complex and each parts is revealing. 
For us to teach others the major key to marriage. We should try as much as possible to be a role model to the younger generation and not generalizing your views about the concept called marriage.

It baffles me a lot to see people saying go  and get married. Will they be the one to finance you?Do they know the implication of not selecting the right choice for marriage? Do they know what is called purpose before marriage? Do they know what gains is attached to people of like minds?

Who is the personality of the person talking to you about marriage?How many books have you read about relationship and love? Do they know what criteria qualifies a good wife and husband?Do they know about the previous life of the person?Whether good or bad.

What is the prayer life of the person?Strong or weak.Do they know the great danger of sex before marriage? What will the person be remembered for?Both partners hoping to get married. Be careful who you listen to in marriage. Only take the useful ones for marriage.

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Note:It's an inspiration from God and thank God for the success of this article and many more.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde (Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God).

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