Be Happy And Do Not Wish Evil For Anybody.

Be Happy And Do Not Wish Evil For Anybody.

Every time I have the urged to write something, I do consider our wrong thoughts on our daily lives we lived and what we can do to get it right. The plan to outshine people even if it's deadly your conscience was not placed on check for their consequences. Sometimes the future is a preparatory of the life of today. The plans to actualize those dreams of yours and it's possible if only you believe.

Let's get it straight we should always remember that some people are going to be more blessed,famous,celebrated and wealthy. That was how God had wanted it to be. Rejoice with those who are happy, feel sympathize with who are mourning because life is full of both pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

As a person you need to accept your fate and move on with your lives. Don't be envious learn from one another to grow. No man is complete in itself. We learn,relearn and used those ones suitable for us at the moment.

There is nothing you can do if someone is blessed by God except you start regretting your action. Talk to your maker to show you the way out. Don't be an enemy of progress but rather be a part of the success story of others. Remember one with God is the majority. That has been the strongest,most powerful and reliable guide to revelation you need in life.

Don't be discouraged if you are failing at the moment, your time is coming. You don't know anything about your future. Sometimes we might but that thought cannot be said to be the best for you. Let him decide for you the best he can. You are not forsaken. Your best is yet to come. Be calm and expect the best from life.

The life is so funny that even those we thoughts  they are unserious might end up being the one we would be in need the most. Respect people as little they can be and what they carry as a person or individual. They can be a catalyst to your great future.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:It's an inspiration from God that has led to the success of this article and many more. Once again, thank God.

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