Be A Loving Man To Your Wife.

Be A Loving Man To Your Wife.

There are three things that every woman must definitely pass through. When she is a girl,not married. Secondly, when she just got married and ready to be a mother.

Thirdly, when she is all growing old and weak. At this critical stage of her life she tends to change but only the person who understand her can cope.

The first stage she will be full of life,caring and admire and what have you. The second stage that has been her dream to get married, soon to be a mother.

She start menstruating,some women can cope with less pain or not at all. In between that she might develop mood swing because of her nature or perhaps may not be able to say at all.

No matter the situation learn to be supportive and assist in a way possible. Most women do not like the experience but got no choice. That is what makes them to be a woman.

Thirdly, she is all growing old and weak. This is the time you can love her the more. Appreciate this special gift from God. Speak more pleasantly and lovingly. Never let her considered her weakness. She will always run towards you as her king and all.

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Note:It's an inspiration from God that has led to the success of this article and many more.Once again, thank God.

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