Teach Your Children What They Need To Know.

Teach Your Children What They Need To Know.

Children are the heritage of God that needs to be loved and care about. They are the product of a marriage. They are sent through you for a reason. You are their parents and if you don't teach them the way of God. You shall be accountable to him on the last day.

Understanding the children you have got

(1)Don't bully your child all the time,they will end up having a low self esteem and which will bring about unfriendliness,self pity and hatred.

(2)Understand they are human being and can make mistake at anytime. Your duty as a parent is to correct them in love.

(3)Give them what is necessary,don't give too little or much.

(4)Don't love them became they are doing good. Love them even if they err. They are the best you can ever have.

(5)Inculcate discipline and fear of God in them. They will grow up and be proud of you.

(6)Talk to your child everyday, listen to how they pronounced some words. You will realise their bad behaviour and your weakness as a parent.

(7)Don't utter negativity on your child, instead pray for them as if they are all you ever wanted in life.

(8)Don't lose hope if they are yet to take care of you. Their appointed time will manifest for good.

(9)Let everything about your child impress you. They will end up doing more and greater.

(10)Always encourage them to go for the best and nothing but the best.

(11)Invest in your child and always pray to eat the fruit of your labour.

(12)Train up a child in the way of God when they grow up they won't depart from it.

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Note:It's an inspiration from God that led to the success of this article and many more.Once again, thank God.

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