The Mystery Of Life.

The Mystery Of Life.

We came to the world through a woman
Never knew if she would be the best
The eyes were opened we saw the world
Greeting everywhere for a new born baby

We celebrated the naming ceremony
We grow the need for more came
Education begins from home to the school
We identified our parents closeness

As long as we are seeing them everyday
Your struggle to be a star
You found enemy from among your friends
They have noticed the greatness already

Have agreed to pull them down
Wondering what did you do that warrant such
It seem you are dreaming but this is the reality
Anything you do is confrontational

Wanted to quit if this is what life looks like
Concluded nobody is to be trusted
I will do my best but never my gift
Only him knows what we don't know and exist

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Note:It's an inspiration from God that has led to the success of this article.Once again,thank God .

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