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The Season Of Rainfall Part 2.

Tree dancing and appreciating their maker
Whirlwind occupying the environment the rain is already accumulating to fall
Car not walking through the flood
Selecting clothes because of the season we are

Those who are not strong cannot freely exposed their body
People finding the right place to stay
Skeptical if it will fall or not
At once the sunny was all showing in the sky

The rain started dropping and becoming heavy
All of a sudden the rain has just started
They don't trust the nature must have predicted we are over the raining season

The rain is just like an everyday thing
We are seeing in our very eyes
The rain has caused a lot of havoc
Houses and properties carried away as a result of the excessive rainfall

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:It's an inspiration from God that has led to the success of this article and many more. Once again, thank God.

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Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God

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