The Season Of Rainfall.

The Season Of Rainfall.

The sky is heavy ready to pour
People running helter-skelter they don't want to be drenched by the rain
The environment seem the end is coming nearer

To some people they never loved nor appreciated
Everywhere is full of cold,people putting on a very thick clothes
To get warm,eat warm food and tea
People are scared to go out but they needed to work or get money
Erosion is everywhere, passage of water need to flow through
People never thought God was doing wonders

To some people, they are not seeing the blessing of the rainfall
The cloud is clearer, sunny has just begun
Most farmers are happy they don't need to wet
But the plant are green and lovely
This is the season we need to appreciate nature and life

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Note:It's an inspiration from God that has led to the success of this article and many more. Once again, thank God.

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