Wrong Perception About Quietness.

Wrong Perception About Quietness.

Quietness is synonymous to calmness of the mind,body and soul(Ajado Joseph Babatunde,2019).

A situation you take things easier than imagine.A state you can contemplate on the next line of actions while giving chances to make it right.

Points to be considered in quietness

(1)Harsh conclusion on the kind of person you are.

(2)Assume younger because of his or her look.

(3)Tag you proud because you don't associate with them.

(4)Plan to fight with you because you are selecting friends.

(5)Create more enemy than friends.

(6)Test your tolerance to voice out your opinions.

(7)Don't understand but seek to pull you down.

(8)Use cunning words to get the right answers.

(9)Being envious because you do more than them.

(10)They don't think before carrying out their action but would want you to accept their wrong as right.

(11)Any little mistake they criticise too much because you don't belong to their caucus.

(12)Conclude dull but never come to experience what you have got inside.

(13)Having being through a lot in life that you are very careful of who to trust or confide in. So they don't understand but they might want to pull you down.

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Note:It's an inspiration from God that has led to the success of this article and many more.Once again, thank God.

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By Ajado Joseph Babatunde(Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God).

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