How I Wish Everybody Can Be One In Christ.

How I Wish Everybody Can Be One In Christ.

It has always been part of my life to educate others about the shortest time we have. The danger in disunity,hatred and killing of our fellow men. In the world where we have been celebrating mediocrity instead of greatness. The one we can always used to relief our pressing needs.

The ideas of a new Nigeria has started went on to be touching. The right thinking people stood and established the fact of coming together to fight the system that builds nothing.

But to my greatest surprise the zeal for continuity has stopped. What we can see is an hungry man looking for a way to survive. Biblically, when our Lord Jesus wanted to leave the world he ended his saying that "All maybe one" irrespective of the colour, race,ideologies, culture,pattern of thinking etc. That was what he conceived to be the best for mankind.

Our Lord Jesus expression should not go in vain. Like I used to say you don't envy any man with the grace of God, you learn from their wisdom and better be equipped for the future. The gift was not manmade but it came through him.

Everyone was created with their own uniqueness,greatness and excellence. Just that many have not been using them and which has been given people the thoughts to pull others down when they are not living their dreams and aspiration.

It's high time we stopped negativity and embrace positivity. Celebrate with those who are making it. Be so doing yours is already on the way. It's advisable to be wise. There is love in sharing and let what our Lord Jesus Christ said before leaving this world be our watchword. It does not cost much to love and give. Do give based on your wisdom and direction.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note: In God I write.....Thank you Lord.

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