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Ise Logun Ise- New Version English Translation.

Work like your life depends on it
Don't relent there is light at the end of the tunnel
Hardwork and prayers pays if you don't give up
If you don't have nobody your last hope is God Almighty

When things are hard it would be as if you have never been working
When you got no one human being can fail as their behaviour
Work on yourself you will make it one day
Your parents could be rich but does not determine success

If you never worked and pursue no dream
Don't rely on your parent the best you have is your talent and God
Your hope should be on God the makers of all things
Not friends,associate, families,relative they may fail you

Take heed the love in a man is as good as hate
Don't think that the love is very deep
It could be the money,wealth and power
At the top of your career needs precaution

Enemies(Negative thoughts) are everywhere to pull you down
True friends exist but fewer in numbers
If you got money,fame and popularity
You will realise they never loved except the benefits of friendship

Look and expecting your downfall
A foolish man will suffer from his ignorance
Shame and discomfort behold a man of no vision and future
Don't waste your precious time
You can equally be great and successful
Keep working there is life and future ahead

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God I write......Thank you Lord.

You can mail me at babatundeajadojoseph@gmail.com

Eminent thinker of our time©grace of God

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  1. Great....God will continue to be with you always.Amen