Know Thy God.

Know Thy God.

The world is bitter people are being killed everyday, lost jobs, unemployment, raping,famine,money rituals, disappointment,enviness,bitterness etc

In all of this great challenges,God is God and still remain the same.You are still an overcomer.He knows the things from the beginning to the end.He is loving,understanding and wonderful.

You are to continually ask him until your joy is full.He knows you and will do what he has promised.He never failed people and won't fail.God is not forgetful, he knows your heart cry.You need to be so strong and determined. Always see him as the first and last. Nothing beat a saviour the one who created heaven and earth.Be fearful always sing,praise and appreciate the one who created you or gave you life.

If it's sin that's hindering you from being faithful then strive to conquer the power of flesh.Be devoted there is a reward being a faithful servant. You can be a vessel to honour,not unto shame,disgrace and misfortune.

There is another life emanating from the sources of life.The deepest revelation comes from him no wonder some people are prophesying and it came to pass.Also there is no hidden secret in his sight.So, it pays to be holy and plain before him.

 No thought of the evil or wish for.Even if you have been a victim you can still change for the better.Trust and hope in him,you can be whole again.There is a zeal upon your life if you have consecrated yourself to him alone.Miracle are bound to happen, open doors of blessing,grace and love.If you have nothing to thank God for, appreciate the gift of life.He is God and will always be.Thank you God for all what you do.

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Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord

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