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The Difficulty In Being A Celebrity.

Celebrity is the dream of all people in the world. Even to the young shall grow they fantasise about them. Most especially the attention and love we are seeing in our very eyes that has made us to follow them in all the social media platform. Not a day work. The pain,suffering and mocking has been their major experience.

Like they would say they are not talented. Go and get other things done. You are just wasting away. We are not feeling you. The talent is not there.

Like I used to say don't wish to become popular, do what it takes to be one with mark of excellence,honour and recognition. Such that it become an indelible mark that cannot be erased.
Finally before favour and mercy eventually smile on them

Points to be considered in being a celebrity

(1)They are at the centre eyes of everybody.

(2)Fans want them to behave well but their comment is insulting and belittling.

(3)You don't have the life of your own.

(4)You must not fumble otherwise you will be disgraced or mocked.

(5)You must be very loaded and create an impression that will last many generation to come.

(6)Your life should be without a mistake as if they not human being.

(7)Be there for your fans because they are the one who are subscribing to your ideas and promoting your businesses.

(8)Prone to shame and disgrace if they are no more being the best.

(9)You must be found doing something worthwhile that would increase the love and respect from people.

(10)As a celebrity or soon to be one. You don't need to comment in all the things on social media. Ignore those that can put you down and support the one that's genuine. Maturity is a must to get at this stage of your life.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God I write,thank you Lord.

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