The Fastest Way To Cook An HomeMade Jollofrice And Friedrice.

The Fastest Way To Cook An HomeMade Jollofrice And Friedrice.

Cooking is a necessity for man to survive just like all other basic amenities of life. Such as shelter and clothing. It's not a false claim that nobody can run from a sweet freshly prepared jollofrice and fried rice having a taste of aroma. One funny thing about this delicacies is that the party type are mostly preferred because of the ingredients used and ordinarily they can have it all done at home by budgeting a little money for them.

Also cooking is a process of converting any farm produce fit for eaten. The way and manner we prepare such food differs. What we will always enjoy is the aroma and sweetness that satisfy our appetite. Cooking is an ideas in itself that cannot be mastered at once except if you have a flare for it.

The personality matters in cooking if that's what he or she stands for. You just have to respect the gift of cooking through the individuals. Some people tends to love someone who is a wonderful in getting the best prepared food available for them. The closeness might be real if he or she is a foodie.

One thing that is sure in cooking you can always learn from others to cook better. Even those who have mastered the art of cooking still want to see the differences if you have another way better like they have been practising.

Furthermore, what you enjoy most is neatness, packaging and tasty delicious excluding the little stones that won't make it appreciated.

Tips used for the cooking

(1)Set the fire and place a good pot that can accommodate your rice.

(2)Maintain equal setting of the stove or gas to avoid undone rice cooking.

(3)Get a quality rice to use

(4)Wash the rice neatly to avoid little stones attachment.

(5)Avoid too much water that would make the rice watery.

(6)Add the correct ingredients to the rice.

(7)Cover the pot to steam the rice with the ingredients.

(8)Avoid unnecessary opening of the pot that won't make the food to be ready.

(9)Taste it to be sure that the correct ingredients have been met.

(10)Let the rice steam together to achieve the good taste.

(11)Serve them in any form available.

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