There Is No Competition In Marriage.

There Is No Competition In Marriage.

Marriage has been defined in so many different ways by great preacher or men of God which is still relevant till today. But for the purpose of this subject matter I will define marriage as not a feeling but a commitment to love someone for the rest of your life even with their strength and weakness. This thought of a feeling should be erased completely and key into the one that really matters to you.

The thoughts of finding a life partner is most difficult in this present day world. As I am writing this article for the people. Some people have married and bear children while others still expecting them.

People are eager to tie the knot and start being called husband and wife. It's not bad if you marry early enough. There is no rule that says marrying late is a taboo but it can be that you may not be able to have overcome the rigour of bearing children at the early stage of marriage.

But at the end of it all,it pays to act in one accord. In fact nurturing children are not easy to do. It takes a whole lot of commitment,patience and prayers.

If a suitor are not coming it does not mean that you are forsaken. The appointed time will come. You don't go into marriage without no orientation or some level of understanding or knowledge.

People are no more interested in marriage because of divorce, single parenthood and broken home. Some people prefer to be part of these celebrity who will impregnate a woman and the society has already tagged them "baby mama".

The best is known to them maybe they don't like the ideas of two different people coming together to build a home.

Also they might not have liked the crying baby the moment he or she is birthed to the world. The sacrifices from the two parent which the mother and the father takes in an equal proportion.

This is a typical marriage setting where love and knowledge has taken the better part of them. That's why they prefer to have children out of wedlock. They don't get it at all. It could be that they wanted to be free and womanize.

They prefer to send money to the woman if they do have for their upkeep. You know you cannot be totally free from a woman trouble. Once in a while they can start attending to the mother and child and have time for other things.

Wait for the person that really matters in the journey of marriage and watch closely if he or she is the one and stop putting yourself in the mood of marriage. The one designed for you is not lost they are around you. It's just that you are yet to connect and meet them as a person.

So,be convinced about anybody before considering getting married. You cannot get it all in them. They will always be something missing that needs correction and adjustment. Thus,you must have weighed the two options before picking him or her as the most suitable.

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