Be Careful How You Treat Others.

Be Careful How You Treat Others.

Behaviour is the mental capacity responding to an external stimuli. It's perceived to be how you feel, think and act. Behaviour is the finest character in you to perform.

In life what attracts people to you is not only your wisdom or intelligent as the case maybe but as well as your behaviour.Even if you are not attractive nor intelligent your behaviour could be the only thing that can save or open doors for you.

Behaviour is so great that any marriage that want to last must put into consideration this subject matter. Both couples must agreed to act in love and come to the knowledge of each other.

To make it clearer for you, this same behaviour made Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to be loved and admired. He affirmed that his ambition does not worth the blood of any Nigerians.

This is greatness, sincerity of purpose, simplicity and correct thinking behaviour to emulate from.It's not too late to cultivate a correct thinking behaviour for international recognition. It is within you to act and perform.

You will get to a point where by you will be admired and appreciated based on what you do (character) not necessarily what they put on or wear. This represent all what they ever stand for. Behaviour is very important we need to be fully aware of what we are correcting those recipients and the changes needed.

I pity those who have neglected a good behaviour  they have lost many treasures that might be so difficult to get. Unless they retraced their steps back things might not hold at the centre. In the office or else where people tend to relate with people who is accommodating and well behaved. Neglecting the sassy and arrogant types. We will never know what a good behaviour can do until the great destiny is revealed.

Importance of a good behaviour to people

(1)It makes you to be admired and loved.

(2)You will be celebrated in due time and always.

(3)It makes you to be the only person that matters in life.

(4)You will always become a man of value rather than a man of success.

(5)You will be a shinning light to darkness

(6)It makes things difficult to become easy.

(7)Behaviour makes mercy and favour becoming much easier.

(8)Behaviour makes you to sit with the kings and queen. In fact, great men in the society.

(9)Behaviour can even make a woman to fall in love with a man.Vice versa

(10)Behaviour makes you to be given attention and support.

(11)It make you to be a candidate of grace.

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