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Be Contented In The Woman You Have.

There is a relationship that leads to love which gives this saying as fondness sublime into love. No crime in imagining a woman before the manifestation. Making an attempt to express your feeling is of two ways. It's either she accepted or not.You just keep trying until the one that really defines who you are comes into play.

Eventually she accepted your advances, love proposal. And you begins to enjoy the union.What you thought to be harder now comes easier. You see her often,play together, even help with the little chores in your house and cooks for you.Love the food and how the love cannot be described.

Suddenly you started having little misunderstanding. No one wants to surrender.Initially it was perfected as if you cannot have issues. You knew that was how she is before giving your all.

No calls,don't want to see her. I have had enough of you. Let's call it a  quit.We didn't make a covenant not to separate. It was a risk we were together.

Now it dawn on me to start a new life but not with you. We can still be friends.I made the wrong choice of a lady. She should not have been the one. She was not my type.Infact,i can't imagine myself talking to her.

She was not that attractive. I can't try my expensive love on her. She can't be the one for me. All these conversation became important to you because you never loved anymore. Considered that she was the one and only to you. The desire of many great men in the society. What happened to you, your love has turned soul.

Find it suitable to love her again. She might not be perfect to you but she was the best girl that loves you deeply. Locate her true love and give it to her wholeheartedly. Enjoy your love life and celebrate your greatness for finding each other special.It should be fantastic here on earth and always be.

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Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

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