Discover Your Greatness Through The Christmas Celebration.

Discover Your Greatness Through The Christmas Celebration.

Christmas is everywhere but in the heart of people,
Some people are not appreciating today,
Because they could not do what they have in mind,
Has become a subject of the matter.

For the religious fanatics,
Who never wanted to learn,
The important of this Christmas celebration,
To all the faithful and sincere Christians worldwide.

Once in a lifetime as the celebration of life,
People are eager to see today,
As if they could do that for Jesus truly,
The thoughts of traveling,
I want to celebrate with my people.

Nothing is bad in dancing, merriment,
And love could be the key,
I will show them I have worked,
Worked so hard for this money,
So, I can spend them as I have wanted,
A government worker and an established business people,
The government is never tired of paying me,
But as well as my business does not stop flourishing.

God has been so good to me,
Did he tell you that extravagance life is good,
Born in a lowly manger, unbefiting place for our Lord,
Be humble even if you are the greatest,
I bet you can't be, God is the greatest.

Do things in moderation,
Was for the impact of God to mankind,
But some people have not been doing their best for God,
He should not be celebrated once in a year,
Everyday should be given to him,
He deserves even to the greatest,
What he means to you should be evident in your ways of life
To teach us that we should live a life worthy of emulation and remembrance.

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Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord

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