Factors That Contributed To Jealousy.

Factors That Contributed To Jealousy.

(1)No gift:If what you do is not making an impact then you have not really lived.Perhaps you are so strong that your brand is the major priority for you. People tend to be jealous because what they are doing is not registered in the mind of people and yours can't be ignored. So,jealousy can set in to make it look bad or awful.

(2)Competitiveness: This is real some people might see you as a competitor.Knowing fully well that you are just living your dreams and aspiration. Your aim is to make a name in what you are doing or profit making. No thought of competitiveness you just wanted to grow and be loved.No more,no less.

(3)Not appreciating others for their gift:People have thought that they are the custodian of knowledge and don't know that those gift are not concentrated in one place.They are given to people by God.If we won't be appreciating others then jealousy can set in and making others think they are giftless whereas they have what you don't have. There is a need to show love for one another.

(4)No sincere love:Love is supporting what is good in order to improve it better. Sometimes people might think that if I do support him or her. He might grow to be better than me and failing to understand that the person will surely acknowledge them for their immense contribution to his life.But has changed because many people are bunch of ingrate this days.There is this thought of unnecessary jealousy by people if what you are doing is surprising and was never expected from you.

(5)Seeing the star:People can see the star in you even before noticing them.So might be tough on you but just don't bother. They only wanted to kill the glory faster. Jealousy and what have you have taken control of their lives. Jealousy is dangerous and won't be to your advantage but for destruction to people who have taken the larger parts of it.Erase jealousy and chase your dream too.

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