Seyi Makinde The Man Of The People.

Seyi Makinde The Man Of The People.

It was a dream come true for the incumbent governor of Oyo State. A man of vision and strong determination to succeed by grace. Perhaps a good companion to be called his own was one of his drive to achieve a success .It didn't happen all of a sudden. It was a thoughtful process that saw him through.

He didn't misuse the grace given to him by God and was conscious of that fact contributed to given back to the society. Has made him to receive numerous awards for humanity. This attribute makes him to start his political career and lost on different occasions before the last attempt that gave him the opportunity to be called the governor of Oyo State.

A man that does not give up will one day emerge victorious. He fought, he believed until the crown fit his head. No doubt that Seyi Makinde actually received an uncommon grace right from when he finished his University education.

 At his NYSC program, he experienced the unusual which led to him working with one of the reputable oil and gas industry in Nigeria before starting off his company in 1997. This fact can be gotten on Google because of those people who wanted to know.

Immediately he was announced the governor of Oyo State. It was as if God has opened his floodgates of heaven to bless his people. The indigenes of Oyo State did not consider that they have had a governor before.The shout of jubilation, praises and comfort filled the air. The man of the people has come. Enough of stress, fake promises, abuse of power and unjust actions in the Land.

What the citizens of Oyo State could never thought it would be possible. Were now possible during his tenure. Some people have said that it was a long time suffering from the past administration. So, God has never failed people and won't fail them.

He used the current governor of Oyo State to bring peace,love and unity and even paying their salaries on time and the thirteen months due salaries that he promised to be paid on his birthday which is on the 25th of December 2019.

I am a regular observer of the politics  as it is going on at the moment in the country. The reformation is continuing and the necessary steps shall be taken with due consideration. Some quarters of the Oyo state are of the opinions that he was not acting his true self but time is a revealer of all things.

They needed to be patient with the government. Rome was not built in a day. We are expecting the good things to come out of his long plans and administrative road maps that was jointly designed by himself and the party members to move the state forward.

The former ruling party members has had their time and season to champion the major development in the state.I know both negative and positive criticism were raised for them when they were in power. It's a normal thing to do but  if it getting too much it calls for a concern. They have had their time to do good but didn't. It's too early to be criticising the government which is yet to spend a year when they  took up the leadership position.

Things might not be going as we wanted but did not stop us from voicing our opinion to make things right. This is a democratically elected government that should welcome any form of opinions in view of the promises made during the electioneering campaign. It should be the expectation because different people have been given different positions to occupy. That can strengthen the system of governance, advocacy and judiciary.

We can't always see things the same way but if what we thought was right and collectively agreed. Then no one has the power to go against the wishes of the people.This is just a four years available for the government to do something remarkable for the indigenes of Oyo State and failure to do that they will be out of the system of governance. History should be of help to them because they have realized what is important to them as a government of the people.

It's on this note that I pray for peace,love, unity and progress in Oyo State, Nigeria as a whole. I wish us a fruitful,loving and greater Christmas and New year celebrations to all the great people of this great nations. May all the prayers and fasting, blessing and more rapid development be acceptable in the sight of God and many more. Amen

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Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord

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