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The Role Of Research To Any Countries.

Research is a workdone carried out by any student for the completion of a University education. It's quite different from one another. An undergraduate student carrying out a project for the completion of his or her degree programme.

The process could be tough for each one but the experience cannot be taken away even up to a PhD level. What could possibly be the difference in the order of University degree  is the exposure, working experiences and the respect for an individual personality because any supervisor might not know how highly connected you are asides being a superviseer.

An undergraduate project is  needed for the successful completion of your degree programme except your supervisor value your work and decided to post it to a reputable journals.Your quality work will easily go far if people can find it very useful by downloading them online.

You have this honorary awards as a bachelor degree holders for a different areas of specialization. There are no much difference between the other two certification being given in a University.Your second degree which can be of different categories depending on the course of study but it would be written boldly on it that you have a masters degree .

Up to a PhD level.Doctorate degree is higher than the two earlier mentioned. The highest degree you can get in a University. If you are the overall best graduating student in your set. The University can decide to call you for a job or not. And if you have the passion to teach excellently.Perhaps on a look out for a higher paying job because of the worth of the certificate.

You can decide to be a lecturer after your second degree because your University roll out a lecturing job. And you are the most qualified for the job.Lecturing job will be on a good note for you because of the scarcity of a good job. As you continue with the job you will be able to putting in for your PhD program because of the future ahead of you. The title changes here unlike the two degree programs.

Your thinking would have changed and your perspective. If it is carried out in an environment that support a good learning process. In all these University certification, the most important thing is the learning, experience and knowledge you can give to others. Again, you are better informed and can contribute your quota to the development of a nation.

Research is growing everyday and it has helped a lot of researcher to formulate policies and programs for the nations. Research is therefore very important to promote newer methodologies to solve pressing needs peculiar to the issues being carried out.

I want you to learn why it is most important to acknowledge the great work of who are making us proud across every platform. In that regards you need to learn from the brief introduction of Sir Isaac Newton who did not fail to acknowledge those who are ahead of him and uses them to better his life. 

"If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants" Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, alchemist, inventor and natural philosopher who is generally regarded as one of the most influential scientists in history. 

This quote is from a letter written to fellow scientist, Robert Hooke in February 1675. The phrase is understood to mean that if Newton had been able to discover more about the universe than others, then it was because he was working in the light of discoveries made by fellow scientists, either in his own time or earlier. There is some suggestion that the phrase may also have had a sarcastic undertone - some historians report that Robert Hooke began to disagree with a number of Newton's theories, and Hooke himself was reportedly quite short in height.

The son of a farming family, Sir Isaac Newton was born in Lincolnshire in England in 1643. He is best known as the scientist who first identified the effects of gravity. A popular story claims that Newton was inspired to formulate his theory of universal gravitation by the fall of an apple from a tree. Cartoons have gone further to suggest the apple actually hit Newton's head, and that its impact somehow made him aware of the force of gravity.

However, there is no basis to that interpretation. Unique for time, Newton is also famous for his revolutionary discoveries in mathematics, optics, physics and astronomy. His book Principia, published in 1687, is regarded as the greatest scientific book ever written, and his discoveries have been the basis for much scientific research. 


Professor David Crystal

This is one of the most frequently used quotations in scientific enquiry, alluded to by researchers of all backgrounds who wish to acknowledge their own limitations when faced with the complexity of their subject. It is a quotation which varies enormously in its formulation. Another version is "We see further when standing on the shoulders of giants". But the essential metaphor remains the same. People who are proud of their contribution to a science are nonetheless well aware that they would have been unable to make that contribution if it were not for those scientists who have preceded them. It is a fine sentiment, and knowing that it came from Newton - a scientific giant, if ever there was one - it provides a model of humility which scientists would do well to emulate. In this age of the television scientific pundit, unfortunately, scientific humility is often conspicuous by its absence.

 Facts about research(Learning process) 

(1)It teaches life of others and their behavioural patterns.

(2)It increases our body of knowledge even if our brain has accommodated so much in a longer while.

(3)It shapes our different perspectives about lives and the conclusion we get.

(4)It ensures that possibilities are real and surrounding truth in the research process.

(5)It open up on the ideal of a civilized society.

(6)It makes us to understand the missing gap in knowledge and possible solution.

(7)Research is the resultant of the issues in education as we make a way to get a solution.

(8)It awaken the government to be alive to their responsibilities when the quality research work are unavoidable.

(9)It open up our consciousness to a new order with the best practices in the world.

(10)It is a mechanism adopted to operationalize thoughts to a reality.

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