The Supernatural Of The New Year Celebration.

The Supernatural Of The New Year Celebration.

I celebrate God in his majesty,
No one has never been him and can never be,
Everywhere he is a priceless commodity,
People finds it difficult to praise and appreciate him the more.

The glory of today and forever,
I see love,I see solution and I see greatness,
Tó every challenges of life,
Men rejoicing and their joy is overflowing.

The greatest men alive, all the glory belong to him,
Beautifully created their prayers and fasting have never failed them,
No wonder they are now called success addict,
Shout of jubilation,praises and dancing.

The new year came to put a smile on people's face,
Witnessing today is only the grace,
Death and pain couldn't hold anyone,
But favour speaks mightily.

God is the surest, please rely on him,
He is more than enough,
Be committed to God, the blessing is already falling,
New year in our very eyes,
Be the blessing, be the glory, be the shinning star and be the celebration.

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Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord.

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