Be Contended In The Man You Have.

Be Contended In The Man You Have.

Before the marriage you have been prepared even though you are yet to figure out the suitable ones. No job and clear vision, direction and purpose on what to do. But you didn't give up. You knew that the appointed time has not come. You kept the hope you have. As a religious man .God will surely do my own. My case is different for good.

In no time he granted your request. What you thought very difficult to do was just another way to be happy. He so much loved you. My life is fine and I can go all day and night. You met this dream man somewhere and somehow.

He was an attention any woman could have. You stared at him too much. This was a perfect match. A man I have been praying for. He fit into everything called my own. I can't afford to lose him .

You became a woman that loved as if you have had a charm running through you. You surrender to everything all because of love. He satisfied you even though he has a weakness not visible yet.

You call him almost everyday. Chat with him.Praise and give him a good  name. Telling him I will be coming for a visitation. Don't tell me that you are very busy. Spare me this time for once and for all.

I will give you the love you will always beg for more. Trust me for that. She came truly, fulfilled her promises and appreciated her for having such a good heart.The lady telling the man I can't wait to marry you. You are such a scare commodity to have.No matter what come may we are one.

You wedded at the best place ever. No matter how hard it is, I want to still be the one and only for you. Great personality came to be a partaker of the glorious moment. You felt like a celebrity. And your wedding were televised and people wanted to watch it to the end. You have created something special in their heart.

No doubt it was one of the expensive wedding ever. The man you have wanted so badly now became an object of ridicule. Don't wanted to see him any more. He couldn't make you happy.

He finds it difficult to support the house. He was just failing repeatedly. In fact you don't love him anymore. What makes the union to be romantic can't be found anymore. You hated to kill. He is to you an ordinary man unlike before. You hardly find anything good in him.

Find your love once more. Don't allow the enemy to destroy your union. He was great man to you so ignite that passion towards him. He was a man in a million. A man that can't be compared to anyone.

He was very considerate man and ready to please you.A ll those harsh words came from the devil to stop loving and wishing him well. Love your man and let him do the same to you. Marriage should be enjoyed and not suffering and smiling.

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Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord.

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