Be Happy In Your Our Own Body Types.

Be Happy In Your Our Own Body Types.

Life is not fair and cannot be. Some are rich, some are poor, some are fat, some are thin, some are tall and some are short. To enjoy all of those things you need to create your own life of comfort.

These are just one of those things I will be explaining to you.

You don't need to look down on yourself regardless of your body types. Thin or fat.Tall or short.

Rock it and be happy with it. You were not the one who created yourself. It has pleased him to give you that body types because he knows they are the best and it will look perfect on you.

You can't start questioning him why not fat. He knows why he gave you that thin or fat shape,tall or short.

Who knows it may be that body types would be the consideration for a man to marry you and your started blaming God for your body types.

It could be the consideration for your height that you will get married.

Be happy in your own way. You are created specially. Everything he does cannot be questioned.

It is just timely and the right thing to do. No amount of complaining can stop you from changing from thin to fat unnecessarily. Even though medication can work better for  it.

But it can change you from being how you were created. It cost of maintenance is very expensive and it  can always give you the fear that it can cause havoc to you in the future.

So, why not be comfortable in your body types and be happy with all the love and care for it so that others can emulate the secret of your attractive body types.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

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