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Greetings With Respect Part 1.

Greetings is a means of communication among people. It takes different ways to perform. Every country has their own greetings styles. As it can be used differently within a day. It brings love, trust and friendship if it can be done sincerely. We have different motives of greetings and which can be obvious in the way you act.

What matters most is the respect that goes to the greeting. There is no where it was said that greeting people politely is a form of abberation neither old-fashioned. Most times, it came to distinguish us from one another and help our different understanding about life. it's not a forceful act. It has been what's upholding our lives. How we cherish our lives,love one another and stand for everything we have called our own.

The culture introduced to greeting have not been helpful in some places .The foreign ones was developed based on how their countries were structured to perform. The language commonly spoken to them was their native language and perhaps they do speak English ,not mixed language.

English language was the only language acceptable.So,other pattern of thinking ,ideologies, culture, tradition,norms finds its existence in the language.Uncultured behaviour was not seen as a taboo but as part of the learned behaviour. Insulting an elderly can be termed their usual ways of life.In fact they can find a common ground as the length of their discussion continues

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