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Greetings With Respect Part 2.

Here was not any better,English language was the official language but other languages support respect with greeting.In fact,it is a must do if you want to be proud of your culture.

The greeting can find it very interesting and well acceptable across human races. We need to give honour to whom honour is due.

The society we have found ourselves has become something to worry about.All the things we see as unpleasant we termed them as a changing society instead of getting to the root of the matter and proffer solution.

To the extent of closing our eyes on the right thing the society demands.There is this saying I have come across lately it does not concern me.Not in my family they should figure it out.We don't think this same way.

That's who they are.We are one way or the other contributing to the decay of the society if this silly behaviour won't be checked.

It's has become something that has made us to forget the place of respect, dignity and honour.You see people respecting you because of the benefit attached to their relationship aside that they would not want to do at all.Perhaps why are my respecting him or her. I might even be older than him.He might think I am way too childish or things of that nature.

Are we to be forced to do that everyday? Who initiated respect into our culture?Sometimes I might not be in the mood,I just have to do that.What if there was no blessing for being respectful. I should not have thought of greeting them in the first place.

Respect is something you give to those who are older than you and the consideration to those who are better than you or perhaps worth in value and recommendation. Respect makes things easier than thought leaves you wondering the powerful effect of appreciating and  loving those who are ahead of you.Crave for the respect and you will be surprised what it can offer you.

We don't need only one person to fight it all. All others who think rightly should do the same.A spade is a spade and nothing more.No conspiracy, the society needs to be better for it.We shall all be remembered either for the good or bad.No middle ground, let's stand for one.The truth needs to be told irrespective of what may cost us as a person,families organization, company and nations and the world at large.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord.

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