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How To Be In Charge Of Your Anger Part 2.

This is the concluding parts of the article that was given by someone closer to me. A Father and a mentor. A man full of the holyspirit and works of God.Permit me not to reveal his true identity. A modest man can't be boastful but can exhibit an humble spirit. You holds a special place in my heart. I know that the flesh has not revealed this to you but the spirit of God. I do hope you will learn from this timely and ever educative article.

(11)Control your lips:This is very important for all people to exhibit. We talk without deeply understanding every words spoken. Perhaps we just wanted people to know that we have to talk. Not every conversation requires our submission. Some were raised to build and edify lives. While some were raised to pull you down. You need to be wary of one, not to be affected. We are presented with a lot of choices on our daily basis. You need to be very careful on whichever one you have chosen. This point has destroyed lives and destiny. Don't be loud mouthed. You are not getting any awards from being the father of abusement but rather teaching people how lose you can be.

(12)Let the Holyspirit take control of your thoughts:This point cannot be overemphasized. How powerful and essential it can be to people who don't doubt the power of God. Holyspirit would work fine if you called him to perform. All your undertaking needs him so dearly. Always available for everybody to use. In large quantities, call him and see how beautiful your life will become.

(13)Keep shut, walk away: If you can't follow all those point raised earlier. Keep shut, walk away. Pretend as if it does not concern you. You can't be criticize for saying nothing. No conversation,no feedback. It's what you say that people would develop some thought about. Better to be passive and allow the events to take it normal course.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord.

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