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How To Be In Charge Of Your Anger.

Anger can be defined in so many ways but for the purpose of this article. I will define anger as a natural phenomenon that can occur at any given if you are not prepared to overlook its set aims and objectives to destroy you beyond repair.

Anger is a feeling of displeasure over someone and something. If only we know how dangerous anger is we would not have been promoting anger unnecessarily. Anger is a test of your patience on what you didn't avoid.

Anger is so powerful that it can kill people, organizations, families and country at large. Nobody is exempted from anger as you cannot predict that this is what  led to it.

The following are the points due for consideration in anger management

(1)The best way to avoid anger is to see it as non-existent.

(2)Always remember that anger is a temptation that can be avoided.

(3)What you see in anger is not real until you make it real by put yourself into actions.

(4)Most of the times, anger involves two or more people that refuses to understand their differences and thereby starting an unnecessary fight.

(5)The goal of an anger is to destroy you beyond your repair . So, any strategy you adopted is very useful.

(6)Once you think about anger, also think about those that would be affected by it.

(7)Anger management is working but everyone should not be a victim of anger that's no respecter of anyone. It takes nothing from you to avoid every appearance of anger.

(8) It waste your time, energy and effort. If you are not very careful.

(9)It gives you more than you can cope with if you want to obey is directive.

(10)Anger can make a great man lost his relevance for life.

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