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How To Reduce The Urge For Sex When You Are Not Married.

Being horny is a natural phenomenon in the body of human being that can come to play at anytime and anywhere . It's there in the body of both man and woman to find expression. Even though you can sexually aroused yourself by playing with your private part unnecessarily. That act is devilish and can greatly affect your future.

Therefore, horny is an irresistible desire to have sex with a person. Sometimes you can have sex with a person without love vice versa. Horny is something that can be controlled while placing your thoughts over the fleshy desire to use you.This is an insight from God that I want people to learn from.

(1)Relax your mind:If your so horny and ready to perform such act when you are not married. Think and rethink. Get something worthwhile and it disappears from you. I know it's not easy but it is possible. Then speak to the urge that it's not yet time. Until you are married. It can happen. Freedom to enjoy sex and all.

(2)No lust over someone:Don't give into the ideas of a woman you met or have envisaged her beauty.Thereby you need to hold and feel.There is a weakness in all the men created on earth.It can bring into a memory the actual person you saw by mere flashing which can trigger your senses to be horny.This is not a general thing there can be a peculiarity here.

(3)Control your thought:Your thoughts are so powerful that it can shape your future.Know what you think,how to think,when to think etc.If you think about a woman all the time you will be horny. Your thought will bring into a reality the lady you have admired and the action that might lead to the sex.

(4)Be worthwhile: When what you do is worthwhile, the urge for sex won't be an everyday thing.It won't show up at all.Understand yourself and the kind of people you relate with. This is real and you need to avoid all the appearance of such occurrences.

(5)Don't play with your private parts: This is the major cause of being horny because you tend to be in the mood for sex without somebody there with you.There is a spirit in this regards,you need to stop so as to be free with your life and chase your greatness.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

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