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How To Reduce The Urge For Sex When You Are Not Married Part 2.

This is the concluding parts of the article that was given by someone closer to me. A Father and a mentor. A man full of the holyspirit and works of God.Permit me not to reveal his true identity. A modest man can't be boastful but can exhibit an humble spirit. You holds a special place in my heart. I know that the flesh has not revealed this to you but the spirit of God. I do hope you will learn from this timely and ever educative article.

(6)Have interest in God and in things of God
As the words is written has a lot of sacrifice embedded in it. Let God be everything to you.And the things that will draw you closer to him. He is the one and only. God over everything. He can and will surely do it.

(7)Be righteous:As it's written in the Bible that says without holiness and righteousness no man can please God. Be careful what you do and say. It will sure have adverse effect on your life. Be committed to righteousness and you will be surprised by the many blessings it will bring to you.

(8)Temptation:Flee from every appearance of evil and temptation. Your conscience is a teacher that is there to teach you every time. Most times people ignore them that's why they are facing a lot of challenges in their lives. Conscience does not lie, it will tell you even before it happens. Obey your conscience and it won't fail you.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

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