[Part 4]Nigeria The Hope Of Africa.

[Part 4]Nigeria The Hope Of Africa.

Instead of our leaders to find a lasting solution to our challenges. But not seeing that. We are very busy ignoring the wisdom of the old that can't fail us because of the years of experience available for a change.

Don't forget that this same black people have left their own country in search for a greener pasture to actually see what is really our challenges in this African continent.

They came out with a different opinion that Africans are the problem of themselves and they are also the solution.

African nations should start looking for a way to improve in all spheres of human endeavour. To compete favourably with the developing nations who have once used us to develop their country for the better.

This is not an instant development . We need to start doing what each and everyone will be happy for and proves to the world that Africans have never lost their glory.

They are back, better, appreciated and celebrated. The black people shall see the reason why they born and breed in their countries.

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Note:In God that I write....Thank you Lord.

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