Tasued The Mother Of All University In The World.

Tasued The Mother Of All University In The World.

Tasued is the most revered educational institutions,
First in Nigeria, second in Africa and Eight in the world,
We are not just training teachers,
But great leaders across the globe,
Check our records in the internet,
We are too outstanding and unbeatable.

Never seen a Tasuedites been backward,
But always in the forefront,
The blessing every nations always desire,
I say glory of Tasued keep shining forth,
Tasued have been breaking records,
That's why are the delight of the people.

No teachers, no quality education in Nigeria and beyond,
Help me celebrate Tasued, we are more than the name,
The name itself keep making a way for us,
Don't doubt me, we are the glory of the world that cannot die.

We are very strong, reliable and better,
Already shaking the world and being a pacesetter,
Loving the school, their anniversary,
And history cannot forget us.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write....Thank you Lord.

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