The Side Effects Of Weed Smoking Amongst People.

The Side Effects Of Weed Smoking Amongst People.

Weed is a stimulant that increases your capacity to function. To them that smoke weed believe that they want to archive wisdom.Yes,they would get but not without it they are useless and can't do anything meaningful. Without weed they can get inspiration to do what they love doing.

This weed started from the need to do something new. I want to be respected by my people. They think I can be weird. I want to show them my true self. They start taken them to see its effectiveness. Wow! I have been missing something special.

I am seeing miracle, blessing and breakthrough. Life is not hard, why are we taken life seriously. Just a small weed taken I am already blessed. Let me recommend it for people. So, this has no side effect at all. What if I take it in excess, what will I become of it.

Side effects of Weed smoking. 

(1)You run mad quickly if what you take is too much on your body.

(2)Weed is a spirit that will open up yourself on the dangers of life.

(3)Weed makes you look good but you are gradually dying till you are no more.

(4)It gives you unnecessary confidence to destroy life.

(5)You make the devil your number one contact to perpetrate evil.

(6)Weed will give you more than you can get. For example, you are addicted to smoking weed everyday, without it you can't do anything better or worthwhile. Except you smoke you may kill yourself to death.

(7)Weed will give you inspiration to do many things but your body will suffer the most in due time. Weed will shorten your life of long life.

(8)You become an object of ridicule and insult.

(9)You are separated from the good people you know.

(10)You are controlled by the weed as such nobody can match your standards.

(11)Nothing is wrong in your very eyes.For example, What's good to you is bad to others.

(12)You don't care if what you are doing will destroy life. You just felt you are enjoying your life.

(13)What matters most to you in life is smoking of weed. Just wanted to puff the smoke in the air.

(14)You become addicted to smoke because of the greatness.

(15)You tend to develop all kinds of human ailment.

(16)You easily become a man of no value and reputation what you thought weed can do are not forthcoming.

(17)You are tagged a star but a weed smokers.

(18You always see yourself as the best. The weed given you all the back up you needed.

(19)You see life as  fun and enjoyment.

(20)Nothing bothers you at all. If others are complaining how hard life is. You don't think in their direction.

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