[Part 1]The Blessing Attach To Wishing Others Well.

[Part 1]The Blessing Attach To Wishing Others Well.

It's has hitting deep into our culture. We don't see it as something of most important. We felt it should be the other of the day.We knew it should be done rightly but felt it doesn't matter most.

Wishing others well in life should not be a day thing but to let us realized the sincerity of people the love for one another and how difficult it is to teach people who have remained adamant. They just don't want to obey quickly.

Except if it concern them, they can start acting like a real man of God. There is no blessing attached to this saying as "Happy birthday". In translation in Yorùbá it means ẹkú ọjọ́ ìbí.

No honest and sincere wishing others well. We have forgotten the fact that God sees the heart of all men. He knows how you are faking it all time.

This calls for a concern if you think you are the only one that has all the good characteristics of the blessing of God.That's a capital "No".

Life is turn by turn.When your time comes, you shine within the time frame and others do so when it's time.

You are not better than others except the grace of God in you that is speaking.

You may have that attribute in your life but this time around you need to stop it and start seeing others as yourself. Remember that you are knowingly and unknowingly writing your history everyday.

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Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord.

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