[Part 2]The Blessing Attach To Wishing Others Well.

[Part 2]The Blessing Attach To Wishing Others Well.

So, it's a choice, you pick the one you are comfortable with. Now, I realized the great work of all the men of God.

They pray, heal and bless people sincerely and how much more us who wish to become like Christ be doing against the wishes of God.

Infact, God has not stop blessing this people who by virtue of prophesying many great things to people. They are the delight of the people and great discomfort to the works of the evil ones.

These set of people have become an important personality to many people in the world due to their truthfulness, sincerity and oneness in serving God.

 It is not too late to cultivate a good habit that has all the benefit of life. Again, God might just give you a gift of no rival till end of time.

Simply because you always wish others well. It won't allow the dangerous move of the enemy to touch you.

You will always be the delight of the people. God will make you a burning fire to the enemy. You will be celebrated for the true gospel you are preaching.Since you don't wish evil or stop others from making it. He will use that to answer your prayers. That's the power in what God can do.

You will be the first point to the revelation of God. You will be admired and listen to all the time. You will always attract all the good things of life.

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Note:In God that I write... Thank you Lord.

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  1. Wishing others well is one quality we must have as true Christians.


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