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Preaching Religion Without Mincing The Most Important Words.

Religion came to us to remind us that God exist and we can care for oneself, others and appreciate the gift of mankind. Religion should not be a divided. Religion should be how the evil can change for the better. Not fighting for the religion that God knows better. Your duty is to be able to teach others with high sense of holiness and righteousness but without condemnation.

I want you to have it at the back of your mind that hating what you don't understand is ignorance and sinful because you will say things that our  God will not accept from you. Don't be the judge on any religion. You should consult what was given to you as a direction.

This religion has made us to start a war without understanding that your mission in life is to love one another in the preparation for the heavenly throne. We need to stop criticizing which religion is better. You should be more concerned about finishing well what he has given to you by God,the reason why you should live.

There are many philosophical approaches to life. It will definitely be welcomed if we are learning. Religiosity is never negative. It's a plus to this generation of ours. It has made us to realize that there is someone somewhere who has the final say to life.

Most of what we are fighting should not have been up for major discussion. Our goal is to share in the blessing prepared for his own. Not every form of social vices we see around us. If care is not taken we might be building men to be a religion fighter instead of celebrating our strength that has enable us to survive all the years of pain and sorrow.

Deciding which one to do. Start from understanding how the devil works from the mind of people. This will be followed by taken into cognizance what is that religion asking us to do and we aspire to teach without minding what will be the outcome.

A religious man is a force to reckon with because he is teaching from the mind of whom sent him. So, he will be doing what is required by him from God. It's a life of sacrifice, hope and faith. Not for someone who want to start manifesting wonders in just a day.

Let's try and free our mind from false teaching that little did we know that it was said out of ignorance. Thus, consulting what was placed in your hand as guide cannot but teaches better. Religion is a blessing,not a curse. It's those who are teaching it out of context that made us to believe nothing is revealing and worthy of appreciating and celebrating. Be religious and take charge of your life.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.... Thank you Lord

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