Think Before Having Sex.

Think Before Having Sex.

There is no one without the urge of sex in them except you are having hormonal imbalance and medical ailments that need to be checked. It's there for bonding, procreation and love.

But there is a rule to follow before you can enjoy it-which is marriage. Outside of that is a sin and no explanation can make it to be holy and righteous.

If out of wedlock you gave birth to a children. Infact, many children are not happy because of the family they belong to because of these uncontrollable desire for sex.

Many times you see their children living without food, clothes, suffering and smiling. They don't feel proud of their parents.

This hard life was because you are horny and think that you are ready to father a child through a woman. She was pregnant for you. Both enjoyed the sex.You would have loved it to continue to the extent of having it all the time.

Through God, you had a safe delivery. Don't even have plans for the future. You think taken care of a child is like going to the market. It's beyond that always control the urge for sex, more children, more responsibility.

Those children were in heaven and forcefully allow them to be in the earth through unprotected sex.Your children deserve a future,they deserve to be treated well.

You have had a share of good life even if it's a little. There is joy in taken care of your children in the right way. It gives you the feeling that you are a proud parents.

Will also be proud of the child raised. This is one of the increase in the poverty level in some countries of the world. Let's desist from giving birth to children  without proper care and love.

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Note:In God that I write....Thank you Lord

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