Death Is Inevitable-Lesson To Be Learnt From Former Governor Of Oyo State.

Death Is Inevitable-Lesson To Be Learnt From Former Governor Of Oyo State.

Senator Abiola Ajumobi has been a politician for a number of years, representing the people of Oyo State. This is evident when he contested in the house of senate representing the Ìbàdàn North Central.

Perhaps, they voted for sincerity, logicality and welfarism and the dividend of democracy. He must have done so well to be given same position to run for governorship on the platform of APC. He won the election through support and people's choice of vote.

He broken the jinx of two-term of rulership, unlike his predecessors. That was a man they never completely felt his impact and growth.

Seeking for a chance to contest for a political position is not a day job. It's must have been as a result of determination, conviction and experience gathered over the years that makes you want to boldly come out to represent your people.

Senator Abiola Ajumobi means many things to many people. Either good or bad. I am not asking for so many opinions, only wanted to point out how the might man could fall even though you are in the helm of affairs.

 No doubt, Senator Ajumobi had the good and the bad sides and this is not something that is new to people. To every man there is always the good and bad sides. Senator Ajumobi did a whole lots of mistakes when he was in power but I do hope he has learnt the lesson.

 This article tries to explain his short coming for any man who want to assume the position of leadership

(1)He was a very blunt man that would not mince any words even though he was saying the fact. That's the truth but the position need lesser of such, he should ensure that those promises are fulfilled and satisfactory.

(2)He tried his best but his best was not enough.

(3)Failure to acknowledge those who voted for him and equally did not give them chances to participate in the system of governments.

(4)He put the Oyo State workers in an ugly situation. Didn't pay their salaries they have worked for.

(5)Seeing himself as almighty to others where as he was just given a chance to rule with his people.

(6)He was quite competent, Senator Ajumobi allowed his ego ruin his future ambition.

(7)Oyo State indigene did not appreciated him at all. Immediately, Seyi Makinde was sworn in and started fulfilling his electioneering campaign. They saw the lapses of his administration and concluded that the wrong man has ruled them for eight years.

(8)Senator Ajumobi faced a whole lot of challenges, didn't allow his good works to show because of his high handedness.

(9)You can't take it away from him, he was one of the great leaders ever ruled Oyo State. Take it or leave it. Nobody is completely good or bad.

(10)Senator Ajumobi lost his respect, praises and admiration because he couldn't control his mouth and to speak in moderation. A political icon that could have been most loved and respected among his contemporaries politicians.

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