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Block Social Media By People.

Block social media is a deliberate effort by blocking people from connecting to a chat as a result of the truth they said or a scammer trying to have their way.Perhaps the invasion of their privacy by the user.

Block social media is happening everywhere because people can't contains the truth.They are not welcoming another perspectives to life.They are complacent, they don't want to change.It's normal to argue on a social media but be mindful of what you say.Abusing or cursing people on a social media is telling us the kind of training you have.You can't always be right on social media. That's why we need constant education and letting us to manage our differences.It's should not be a moment of show your smartness without acknowledging your maker.

Social media have people from all walks of life who views things from one perspective and which is very dangerous for any man to grow.You don't start abusing or cursing people because you have the mastery of words.Social media is great if you can use the same words to speak greatness in the lives of others.

We should not be shy of saying the truth because it's the truth they will set us free.We should not all be concerned  about what we are getting from people that will make us to keep quiet about the truth.The decay in the society would have been stopped if we are correcting people how to behave on social media. You are saying a lot about yourself if you cannot  learn from others who are teaching right. It's an everyday thing for people to get used to. We can't run away from people who meant well for having the courage to correct. They need to be appreciated because the society of ours have been shying away from the truth.

Block social media would have been stopped if we are not letting our achievement enters our head because you cannot constantly be blocking people for saying the truth.If you continue doing it,how many people will be left to chat with. You don't know people until you chat with them or communicate.That's when the truth about them will come out.

Who knows if they will be the same person you need on your way up to the top. We are not saying not to chat with people but don't hide your feeling when you know what they are doing is wrong. Sometimes people don't know what they are doing is bad until you tell them. Social media had given us many things to pick from. The good is for us and we should jettison the bad.

That's what we as individuals should start doing.A fight to end block social media is welcomed because those who are scammers know when their secret is being revealed to them. They don't waste time to block you.They will continue on that same things they are doing.Which does not pay anyone. For how long will you continue blocking people who don't do you evil. You want faster money and you are using your brain in that direction. You need to make your brain work and pray to God for blessing to come.

If you are told the danger of fraudster you should be happy about it because God want you to change and that was why you met him.If you have a good conscience, you should stop because the head of people that you have duped will never pray for you.Don't let pride make you to believe that you are only one that matters in life without acknowledging others who you need their support.

Block social media is not helping those who want to learn faster with people. Everybody has what informed them about things.So,not all people can get drunk in what you do.Lies has an expiring date and when they know you.You are defeated and gradually all what you are proud of are gone.

One thing is to represent the good about life and another is to be working against your conscience. You wouldn't not want your story to teach us how to behave well on social media when you have people who are there telling you the truth.It pays to listen to the voices of the wisdom who are being used by God.They don't want to understand but the truth has to be said.We have to start educating people on what's the way forward of block social media.To be able to get the best from life in the internet.

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Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord.

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