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[Part 1]Social Media Skills You Needed For Connection.

Many people don't research on what they are supposed to know. We are used to the one being taught not necessarily what is there to learn.Education does not mean attending to the four walls of the University. And it's has finished. No, it's beyond getting a certificate. There are something thing you need to know by yourself. I will try and explain it to you without exaggerating.

When you are talking to someone who is old enough to be your parents. You should be mindful of what you are messaging to them or the call on the phone.For instance, Don't say "Good morning to someone who is old enough to be your parents" It's an insult to their personality but rather say "Good morning sir/ma".Don't say that  "I don't know" when chatting but rather say "I will like to consider it if time permit me"

If a learned man, reply your chat. Don't ignore it but rather say "I am glad that we are connecting. Sometimes they might not reply back.Finally,we shall continue to enjoy you always.This will tell the kind of person you are. 

When you chat or message a very educated man. At the tail end of the day of your message. Don't end it with  "Thanks". They will count it as rudeness or insult. Even though many of us are yet to learn how to use "Thank you" , "Thanks" , "Thanks to you" , "Thank you so very much" and "Thank you all" 

Don't form the habits of ignoring a chat. It's a bad character that should not be there in the first place. You never can tell who God can use for you in a chat. A lot can be learned from a meaningful chat.

You can be busy but it doesn't translate to ignoring the chat and feeling too important. If you need their help they will ignore your chat because you have started it.

They can even say that he is used to ignoring a chat. If you want to help him, he will ignore your chat. You can say what it can mean to you if you lose the opportunity you needed the most. For instance, I missed your calls,I am glad I can respond to you.I will make amends you know that we can't learn all at once.With time,we will learn faster.

When you don't help others to grow but why are you disturbing them with your own.Before you request for help from someone you must have helped people and God will reward you through someone or you ask them for help because you can help others.For instance, I need a favour from you.I know  that you are busy with yours.But we can't stop helping one another.Please send it to me to help you but when you need my help. Just let me know.I will help because you are a kind person.

Know those who are older than you when chatting.You are not allowed to use vulgar languages but formal.For examples "Good afternoon sir or ma.May I request help on the recommendation letter?I found you valuable to be writing on the letter because I want to represent the department well in my future endeavour.There is no one that will not like to write it for you because your construction was good.Secondly, I am very happy that your lecturing has laid the foundation for new learning and broaden someone's horizons.

If he is older but prefers jokes. Jokes should not involved cursing.Joke should be limited,don't continue with it when you can start a meaningful chat with him.For instance, How is the family doing? We shall succeed in life.Let's continue to be a good ambassador of Christ.We will not die young.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord.

You can mail me at babatundeajadojoseph@gmail.com

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