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Refrain Your Tongue From Evil.

Tongue is a special organ located on our head. As it's located in the mouth,perform a lot of work.Without the tongue,you can't talk.The tongue has put a lot of people in danger and it has also destroy lives.Don't just use your tongue anyhow because you just want to talk,ask God to direct you on what to say.It's one thing to say and it's another thing to be understood.Many of life difficulties came as a result of using your tongue dangerously.Any man who want to be loved and appreciated,must learn how to use his or tongue the right way because of the unexpected blessing it can bring to you. To be in charge of your tongue, take this few points with utmost seriousness.

(1)Be patience in all things:Instead of cursing yourself because of your terrible situation. Why can't you be patient and let God take you out of that terrible situation. He knows you are not happy so have faith and surrender everything to him and you will be surprised by what he will do.

(2)Let God teach you what to say:Once, you put God in the helm of affairs of your life.You start seeing wonders,miracles and breakthrough. Don't forget that what you don't know is your master.Commit all to him even what you will be saying.

(3)Learn to appreciate your fellow human being:In life,we need to appreciate people who have helped you to climb the ladder of success or people who have shown you the act of kindness.Husband appreciate your wife by words of affirmation and wife too should do the same. Children should appreciate their parents and parents too should appreciate their children.

4)Appreciate God in all things: No matter how hard life is,God needs to be praised and appreciated. In any situations, you find yourself, still believe God that he can do the impossible. God only needs our sincere praises,honour and glory. With this and many more,you will always note what to say and how to say because you already in the spirit.

(5)Learn how to say sorry:Saying sorry to some people is the hardest thing in their dictionary. They just want to prove a point rather than saying sorry. If you err,say sorry. When you notice your expression can lead to a serious argument, say sorry and leave their presence. The more you talk,the more likely you will offend each other. Be passive if you notice he or she does not understand you.

(6)You will have rest or peace of mind.If you can do this with all seriousness. You will be fulfilled and be progressing because you are not the one talking,somebody somewhere is using you to make the right thing.

Thanks for the reading pleasure!

Note:In God that I write.....Thank you Lord.

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